Ayelet Tours Cell Phone Rental

As you prepare for your upcoming trip to Israel with Ayelet Tours, we look forward to helping you stay in touch.

Amigo is excited to offer you our choice of plans designed to meet your every need.

The all new Amigo phone offers superior cellular service, texting and optional 3G Data plans, with a choice of unlimited calling, unlimited texting or a more simple pay per minute plan.

We also offer SIM cards for all your unlocked smart phones or BlackBerry rentals. USB modems and WiFi devices are also available for rent, both with unlimited data included.

All our rentals include insurance at no daily cost, FREE and UNLIMITED incoming calls and texts from anywhere in the world, access to dedicated English speaking technical support and a top rated customer support center here in the USA to help answer any questions before, during and after the trip.

If you have any questions regarding cellular phone rentals please call Amigo at 1-888-264-4687, be sure to mention were referred by Ayelet Tours.